Penyanyi 80-an Azreen Manan derita kanser


PENYANYI 1980-an, Azreen Manan dikhabarkan sedang menderita kanser selain menghadapi komplikasi buah pinggang.

Berita sedih itu dikongsikan oleh pelakon popular, Betty Banafe melalui laman Instagramnya (IG).

“Dear friends. Sorry to disturb. Does anyone here know this singer from late 90s, released an album, singing beautifully, and got married at the age of 16 years old? And was quite controversy for that time. I grew up with her songs.

“Our dearest friend Azreen Manan is currently very ill as she is diagnosed with stage four cancer and will be going in for surgery as her kidney is failing,” tulisnya.

Bahkan, Betty yang berpeluang menziarahi Azreen turut menyeru agar sesiapa yang mengenalinya dapat berbuat demikian sekali gus memberi sokongan moral.

Tak hanya itu, Betty turut memohon agar semua pihak terus mendoakan kesejahteraan Azreen.

“On be half of Azreen, for those who know her, please do visit her and give her moral support to fight her cancer. I’m just a concern friend.

“What is friendship for. Thank you Irene santiago to help us update her condition regularly. You are such a sweet friend. May God bless you dear.

“Thank you and please keep Azreen on your prayers,” luahnya.

Penyanyi 80-an Azreen Manan derita kanser

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